2012 - Alabama Jobs Agenda

Here is what we got accomplished in 2012.

I sponsored 7 bills to pass in 2012.

  1. Accountability & Performance Incentives, the school grade legislation.  FL schools went from bottom 10% to top 10% in the nation in less than 10 years, Gov. Jeb Bush told me the school grade legislation began the process for FL
  2. Film Incentive - This small tax credit created interest for films to be made in Alabama.  "42" The Jackie Robinson Story was the first film.
  3. Entertainment Districts -To create and establish an entertainment district designation for retail alcoholic beverage licenses available in any municipality and municipalities with an incorporated arts council, main street program, or downtown development entity to be issued by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board  permitting and regulating the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages within entertainment districts established by such municipalities; and to authorize the governing body of the municipality to establish entertainment districts with restrictions as to number and size. 
  4. Closed Container  -  To add to the Code of Alabama to authorize a bottle of wine that has been purchased and opened on the premises of an Alcoholic Beverage Control Board licensee to be removed from the premises by the purchaser provided the bottle of wine is resealed. 
  5. Forensics fair county adjustment
  6. Peeping Tom 
  7. Rescue Squad voluntary contribution with tags
AccomplishmentsWill Myers