Terri Collins

My Stance on The Issues Affecting the People of Morgan County.


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Issues Overview

  • Improve public education so our children can compete and succeed
  • Grow Pre-K capacity so all children have access to high quality education
  • Insure all children can read by 3rd Grade with strong K-3 Literacy
  • Insure all middle school and high school have strong computer science available
  • Help Alabama Attainment Goal of 1/2 million more high quality skilled labor in the workforce by 2025 become reality
  • Work with all schools and school systems for Safety
  • Recruit good-paying, long lasting jobs and industry
  • Improve infrastructure for Alabama roads and bridges to support our economic development
  • Pass the "Heartbeat Bill" because all life deserves a chance to live



Educating our state's children is an issue that is dear to my heart. As a mother and now grandmother, I know the importance of a quality education system that is working for the students. 

Over the last 8 years in office, I have helped to write eight education budgets that have put needed funding into our children's classrooms, without a single year of proration. I also passed a bill grading school performance on an easy-to-understand A-F scale, so that parents can know how their children's schools compare.

In the upcoming term, I will continue to fight to ensure that the progress we have made in education is upheld.


Economic Development

A thriving economy is the cornerstone of a healthy community. That is why I so strongly believe in the importance of a good economic development strategy for Morgan County. 

I have passed important workforce development bills that are creating jobs and fighting unemployment.

As we move into the future, I will continue to look for opportunities for our local economy to be strengthened and thrive.